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Kestrel Cost Budgeting Tool

Kestrel has developed a tool to assist with the implementation of Jackson Reforms

Kestrel – Your Legal Business Systems Partner has a COST BUDGETING TOOL available for Aderant clients that we would like to share with you.

New cost and case management rules, and a bundle of measures – will herald an explicit new fixed-costs regime in April. The changes include cost and case management requirements affecting all contentious cases except those heard in the Commercial and Admiralty courts. Perhaps the biggest change is the requirement for parties to set, share and agree budgets at the very start of the court process. Where parties fail to do this, the presiding judge will do it for them.
Managing these risks will require considerable cost and case management skills.

Kestrel Business Solutions Introduces their Cost Management Tool
1) Precedent H Spreadsheet will be populated with data taken directly from the Aderant database


The application populates the Precedent H spreadsheet with the actual Disbursements and Time costs incurred from the Aderant Expert system. It uses Phase and Tasks to split the costs between the various work categories i.e. Pre-action costs, Issues/Pleading, CMC etc. Data can be extracted based on either a period range or on a date range.

This product retails at 1 – 250 Litigators - £3,000 pa; 251 to 500 Litigators - £4,500 pa; 500 plus Litigators £5,000 pa Annual License fee and is currently being piloted by RPC.